Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire Slot Review

who wants to be a stallionere slot onlineWho Wants to Be a Stallionaire is a 3 reel, 1 payline Pub Fruity style Slot machine with a Bonus Game and UK nudge and hold features: the kind of slot that you´d expect to see down the pub. The lucky horse shoe is the bonus symbol. Also watch out for the carrot and cigar and of course the bar and the number 7 symbol that you´ll find in other fruit machines.

The jackpot runs to x500 your wager if you land the winning combo of 3 cars. The nudge feature is random and you´ll get the option to nudge on to the next symbol by hitting the nudge button. You can be awarded up to four nudges at any one time.

There´s also a hold feature, of course, as you´d expect from any self respecting pub slot. It is awarded at random -hit the hold buttons to hold the reels in place during a spin round. You can hold up to 3 at any one time. When you hit the hold button and click “spin” the reel you hold stays in place helping you to land winning combos.

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Bonus Game

Play this for the chance of winning the jackpot of x500 your bet amount. The lucky horse shoe is the bonus symbol and when you scoop 3 horse shoes in a row in any direction in the lucky rack you are into the bonus game. The horse shoes are displayed in the lucky rack depending on the position of the horse shoe in the reels.

There are 3 families of horse shoe symbols: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The aim is to get 3 in a row, in order to trigger the Bonus Trail.

Bonus Board

The Who Wants to be a Stallionaire bonus board is triggered when 3 horse shoes appear in the 3 reels on the regular slot game making up a row. A bonus game trail is then started which has 24 game squares. Each square has a different feature. Start playing the game by hittong “Spin” and a number will appear that signifies the amount of squares you move on by. When you run out of wedges the bonus game ends and you collect that feature that is stored in the square that you are on.

Every time you land in a square with a feature your wedge comes down by one: you either bank the feature or continue to try and land other features.

You may also land on “Non Starter”, “Bankrupt”,”Cleaned Out” and “Lose” which will decrease your number of wedges.
If you land on “Win Some Wedge” and “Quick Buck” you build up your wedge count.

Full Description of Bonus Game features

  • Nosebag guarantees a random win on the reels. If you pick this feature, you return to the regular slot game and the reels spin for a random win.
  • Non Starter – Your number of wedges goes down.
  • Lose – Your number of wedges decreases.
  • Win Some Wedge – Your number of wedges goes up.
  • Gift Horse – Win up to a x80 multiplier on your wager. There´s a 9 level meter, each of which has a multiplier value. Randomly select your level, and your bet amount is multiplied accordingly.
  • Paddock Inspection – Like “Free Parking” in Monopoly. Your number of wedges neither goes up nor down and you spin the reel again.
  • Bankrupt – The end of the bonus game.
  • Horse Around – Pick a Win. 3 multiplier values display. The multiplier values are hidden and shuffled and you hit one of the Hold buttons to land your multiplier value. Your bet amount is multiplied accordingly.
  • In The Money – A reel feature. If you pick this option you are back in the Regular slot game. The reels start spinning and you mus hit the Stop button to stop the reels in a winning combo, before the reels stop by themselves, so don´t hang around.
  • Quick Buck – Your number of wedges goes up.
  • Giddy Up – Accelerates you off to another game square on the bonus trail at high velocity.
  • Nags To Riches – If you pick this feature you are back in the Regular slot game. The reels flash. Click “Stop” to pick a reel and then ” Stop” again to pick a symbol.
  • Cleaned Out – Your number of wedges goes south.
  • Medallion Stallion – Stop the flashing meter to choose a group of 3 multiplier values. Click “Stop” to land on the multiplier values. Your bet amount is multiplied accordingly.