The Fantastic Four Slot Review

5 Reel Slot with bonus features. 20 lines. You can bet a max of 20 lines. When the old world of the silver screen (or comic book) meets with the new domain of online video slot machines great things can happen. The Fantastic Four slot is based on the famous Marvel comic superheroes of the same name. So look out for symbols like Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, Dr Doom, the fantastic four logo and the DNA symbol support.

The straight jackpot is 5000 coins and there are no less than progressive jackpots in this slot. There are also free spins, wild and scatter symbols, in common with most of these high end games. A rewarding slot where both risk averse and hi stakes players can net big wins if their luck is in. The minimum bet in this slot is £0.01 and the maximum is £100.

Fantastic Four Jackpots

Wild Symbol: The Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, Dr Doom symbols are all wild symbols and appear in reels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. They can substitute other symbols to make up winning combos, (except the scatter symbol).

Scatter Symbol: The Fantastic 4 logo symbol is the scatter symbol. If 2 or more scatter symbols land anywhere in the five reels, it completes the winning combo.

Fantastic Four Free Spins

The Fantastic 4 bonus feature is triggered when 3 or more Fantastic Four logos land anywhere in the 5 reels. You then pick one character from the Fantastic 4 superheros and Dr Doom. After you have made your choice the number of free spins are shown and the free spins kick off.

The Fantastic Four slot game is a well conceptualized and fun slot that is both relevant to fans of the comic or movie and slot players alike. Marvel has teamed up with an industry leader in the field of fantastic four slot machine creation (Cryptologic, more on them later) to make a fantastic four slot themed around something that doesn’t have to ride the coat tails of the franchise to be enjoyed. Not only is the game fun but it gives you the opportunity to walk away with big money. It also break the mold in the slot machine industry.

I have been reading comics since I was a kid: couple a comic (or movie) people love with a style of game that people really enjoy and you have a winner on your hands.

Cryptologic have been an industry leader in the field of online slots since 1996. Their line up of original slots is impressive, and this is a worthy addition.

The Fantastic Four Slot as an online casino game has some pretty unique features. Starting with a clean cut design based upon the epic franchise, it is refreshing. Marvel’s artwork adds so much to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the game and it helps bring a new generation of fantastic four slot players into the fold by giving fans of the franchise something recognizable.

On top of that, the Fantastic Four slot game doesn´t just have one progressive jackpot, or even just two. It has no less than three progressive jackpots.