Lotto Online Guide

How often do you play the lottery online? On any given week you can see people lining up to purchase their tickets, and when the real big jackpots are up for grabs it is not uncommon to see people waiting in long queues in the hope that they will get the ticket containing the winning lotto numbers.

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Lotto System – Stop Losing and Start Playing Smart

If you regularly find yourself in that line opening the wallet to buy this week’s tickets, then you should also be asking yourself a very important question: If I am going to continue to play this game, then how can I give myself the absolute best chance of winning? That is what we will be discussing in this article. With so many other people playing in every game and so many possible number combinations, then is it possible to increase your chances of winning and give yourself an edge over most of the other players?

Certainly it is possible to get the winning lotto numbers, every week someone wins the jackpot and it is not uncommon to see these lucky people featured in news reports in the paper or on TV. But how lucky do you have to be? If you are like most people then you would be thinking that it is just sheer luck – that those people were extremely lucky (they were!). Yet most of us will continue to buy those tickets each week anyway. So let’s get down to it – is there a way to actually win?


Increasing Your Lotto Chances

Well you were correct in thinking that many of those people were just extremely lucky. Yet it is important to know that there are big jackpot winners out there who got there by means of increasing their chances using a lotto system.

A lotto system is a method that is devised in order to give you the best possible chance of getting the winning lotto numbers. A lotto system could range from anything from a complicated wheeling numerical system to an advanced piece of software. I won’t go into the details of every system here but needless to say that good lotto systems do exist, but so do bad ones, which is why it is important to always do your research.

How I Started Winning

I had never even won a single dollar playing the lotto, that’s right not even one cent. Then after purchasing a lotto system for a small amount on the internet (it was actually a crappy piece of software – but it was a start) I immediately noticed a difference – I started getting winning lotto numbers.

My second week in I played a system which cost me under $20 and returned me a winning of $90! Now I never hit the jackpot with that system but I did consistently win smaller amounts which not only paid for my tickets but also provided some extra play money. I was excited!

After a couple of months of consistent winning, I came to the conclusion that I must have improved the odds of me winning and that maybe it is possible to win the big one. I realised that by using a lotto system I was actually playing smarter than if I was just playing randomly. Now I will never go back to playing like the average player ever again.

Lotto System – Why it’s Worth Using One

At the end of the day, you are probably going to play the lotto anyway, regardless of the odds. So you may as well play as intelligently as is possible, and the only way to do that is by using a proven lotto system. Given that you can find some fantastic lotto systems for the cost of just a few games of lotto play, then really you would be silly not to.

The sooner that you start using a lotto system the sooner you will increase your odds. Then again, you could just keep playing the same way you always have and keep getting the same results. As always, it’s up to you to make the change. I did it, and I am now one of the few people who wins consistently.

Getting Guaranteed Wins

If you would like to know what system I have found to be the best, I would have to say that without a doubt that the Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver is my favourite. I can’t claim to have tried every system out there, but from my own experience and that of my friends, family and others who play this way, I am yet to find a lotto system that has achieved results as consistently as what Ken’s system has. Ken still updates his site with the letters he receives from people who have hit the jackpot thanks to him and as far as I know his system is still available.

Silver Lotto System

The Silver Lotto System was devised by a New Zealander called Ken Silver and it’s so simple to use that within 30 minutes you’ll be ready to play your first lottery. Okay, but first things first, you’re probably thinking, if this system is so good, Ken Silver must also be a lotto winner – correct! Just go to Ken’s lotto system website where he shows off his V12 Aston Martin Vanquish and his black V12 Mercedes. Ken Silver is The Man around town in his favorite cars ALL bought with his winning lotto numbers. Because his lotto system is so fool-proof, he’s decided to share it with everyone else.

What makes Ken’s system so much better than any other lotto system is its pure simplicity. After reading his easy to follow manual, you can get straight to work in choosing the correct winning lotto numbers. With the Silver Lotto System, Ken hasn’t devised any complicated software programs which throw random numbers at you. He’s done it all the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper.

Using Ken’s lotto system you’ll only need to fill your lotto tickets out once and then you keep using the same number sequence over and over again. Also, what’s even better about Ken’s system, which is unlike the other lotto systems out there, is you don’t need to buy lots of tickets. With only a few, you’ll be getting results.

You’re probably wondering whose found success with Ken’s system. Well, just go and have a look at all the testimonials on his website. There’s a ridiculous amount. And that’s not all. Ken’s Silver Lotto System has been the biggest selling lotto system since 1991.

Now, you maybe thinking, if Ken’s in New Zealand and he’s devised this lotto system, what’s to say it’ll find the winning lotto numbers in the lotto in my country. That’s a good point, and the good news is it will – this lotto system will work anywhere. In fact it’ll work on just about any game with 5-7 balls up to 69 numbers. The only games it can’t be used on are the 90-number games found in Italy and Malta