Incredible Hulk Slot Review

The Incredible Hulk Slot is one of a range of new Playtech slots on the market that seem to be sweeping away the competition with their graphics and bonus rounds. The Incredible Hulk Video Slot is a 5 Reel 25 Payline Video Slot based on the Marvel Comic book and TV show of the same name.

Well obviously! What we mean to say, is that it is the official Incredible Hulk Slot: accept no imitations. Choose whichever payline you want by clicking on the number on the outside of the slot reels. Hit the bet max button to place a bet on all 25 paylines (use small coin bets if ytou want to keep the cost down).

The Incredible Hulk online slot has wilds, used to help complete a paying combo, and a scatter card. You get a bonus when you land 2 scatter symbols on the screen. Land 3 and you are into the

Incredible Hulk slots symbols

This game is one of the better video slots we have come across, certainly in terms of excitement and entertainment and on par with one of our other favourite Playtech video slots: the Gladiator Slot. The wild symbol is the Incredible Hulk´s eye. If you land this in one of your paylines, The incredible Hulk gets angry and rips his shirt off. He doesn´t like paying out!

Hulk slot game bonus

The scatter symbol is a picture of a gamma bomb going off (this is how the green man picked up his affliction in the first place, in case you didn´t know). When you land 2 or more bombs, they trigger and and there is an almighty explosion. With 3 of these scatter symbols, you´ll be ushered into the Incredible Hulk Bonus Game.

The Incredible Hulk Bonus Game is great fun. You’re the Hulk and your being chased down by 5 rocket helicopters. You have to choose which weapon to use and which helicopter to target. So pick a car, for example, and lob that at one of the helicopter gun ships. Remember, you are a strong green man!

Either keep the bonus if you are successful and leave the bonus game, or pick another missile and helicopter to destroy. Get free spins at different multipliers when you leave the bonus round.

Get into character before playing this game! Remember, the Hulk is the emotional and impulsive alter ego of reknowned scientist Dr. Bruce Banner. You were accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb that you invented. Every now and then (when you get angry9 you tuen into the Hulk, a giant green, muscle bound, angry monster (or a body builder on steriods painted green who hasn´t see the inside of a barber shop for a while- take your pick).

Remember, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets! So get angry!!